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In case you didn't realise

2012-08-01 00:02:24 by DJ-Firepoint

I abandoned this account.
If anyone sees this, you can catch all my recent good shit here:

My new headphones

2011-09-06 12:48:23 by DJ-Firepoint

Got some new headphones the other day, Radiopaq Duos. They are freaking amazing, and were a veritable bargain at just £15. Also, I'm back at college now, which means MOAR MUSIC! I've started properly working on my remix of Flutterwonder by PinkiePieSwear for round 4 of the Brony Remix War. I'll put it up here when I can, of course, not that anyone reads my posts or is interested in my music ;D

No more music for a while

2011-07-31 10:29:35 by DJ-Firepoint

First of all, I no longer have Cubase on my laptop, since I had to replace my hard drive and pretty much start with a clean slate. But on top of that, I also don't have a good pair of headphones (they broke) and the headphone jack is broken anyway. So until I get back to college in September, there'll be no more music for me... which sucks because I really want to try my hand at some glitch :(
But it's ok because Luna loves me.

No more music for a while

Ich bin ein Baum

2010-05-21 08:57:24 by DJ-Firepoint

aka I am a Tree. That's german btw.

I'm doing a piano cover of Kingbastard's song, and here's what it's going to be like...


C, Em, Am(7), G


C, Am(7), F(9), G


I am a tree
Waiting to be chopped down
If I fall do I make a sound
When no-ones around

I am a tree
Waiting to be
Chopped into pieces
And fed to the machine
With paper thin skin
All tied up in knots
I'll try to fight
But my bark is worse than my bite

And everything's changing
Its true
I used to stand tall
With you
But those days are gone
They're gone

You'll notice i've made a few minor changes to the lyrics :P
And also I'm going to keep it in the key of C for simplicity.

It should be finished and up here in a few days.