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No more music for a while

2011-07-31 10:29:35 by DJ-Firepoint

First of all, I no longer have Cubase on my laptop, since I had to replace my hard drive and pretty much start with a clean slate. But on top of that, I also don't have a good pair of headphones (they broke) and the headphone jack is broken anyway. So until I get back to college in September, there'll be no more music for me... which sucks because I really want to try my hand at some glitch :(
But it's ok because Luna loves me.

No more music for a while


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2011-08-01 01:54:34

I love ponies :3

I make music too, but probably not the type you'd expect a 14 year old to make.


2011-08-02 03:44:32


DJ-Firepoint responds:

Hell to the yes


2011-08-10 05:30:06


DJ-Firepoint responds:

Is that you, John? :P